Banner advertising can be purchased on any Tiwebb site on a monthly basis.  Please contact us to purchase advertising on any Tiwebb site.  See our terms of services, ad formats and prices below.

White Hat Advertising Only

Tiwebb Ltd. accepts “white hat” advertising only, i.e., methods of advertising and promotion that are acceptable for use with search engines.  This means that all text and image links must have the “nofollow” tag and be explicitly marked as “Advertisement.”

Terms of Service

  • Payment via PayPal must be made in full before ads will run.
  • All sales are final.  No refunds if advertiser discontinues ad.
  • Tiwebb reserves the right to refuse or stop any ad for any reason.
  • If Tiwebb stops showing an ad, Tiwebb will refund payment for the unused portion of ad time.
  • Advertiser may provide Tiwebb with an ad image to host on our site or a link to an image on your site.
  • It is the advertiser’s responsibility to track impressions and click-thrus.

Ad Formats

Tiwebb supports the following ad formats:

  • 120×600-pixel skyscraper ads, which appear at the top of the left or right column on every page of the website (note that some websites only have one column for ads)
  • 468×60-pixel banner ads, which appear at the top of every single-article page

Ads will run “above the fold” unless otherwise desired.  Please contact us if you require a different ad format or location.

Ad Prices

Following are the prices for ads on Tiwebb websites:

  •  $49/month or $99 for 3 months
  •  $49/month or $99 for 3 months
  • All other websites:  $20/month or $49 for 3 months

See our complete list of websites.

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